A rum distillery

Posted in Le Gloster le 9 May 2018

A rum distillery

Artisan rum

My dear readers,

The Gloster is a warm and cosy place where Rum lovers will find their happiness!

 Fine rums or hand-made rums, the Gloster's menu is a real treasure. The selection of various rums from far away countries will make you travel!

The head bartender, Johnny, will be happy to tell you the story of their old rums and make you feel their fragrance! The rums proposed were carefully selected one by one, among distilleries representative of the most beautiful rum terroirs throughout the world.

Some will choose to discover them in a punch, as for others, they will simply enjoy them to better preserve their sometimes complex flavors and balances.

Don Papa, old rum

Let me, my kind readers, tell you the story of a rum that I particularly enjoy. This is the 10-year-old Don Papa. This rum is a blend of different barrels of rums over 10 years old. It comes from Philippines and more particularly from the island of Negros.

Don Papa rum is produced from the best canes of the archipelago. The aging of this Philippine rum is at the foot of Kanlaon volcano in old American oak barrels containing Bourbon.

It is during this process that the rum Don Papa reaches the fruity of its aromas characterized by its persistent citrus notes. This rum is part of a confit and pastry register.

A little more than a century ago, the Philippines revolted against Spanish settlers and demanded their independence. It was on this occasion that a man distinguished himself: Dionisio Magbuelas, nicknamed 'Papa' Isio.

When the events occurred, he was foreman on a sugar plantation. He became involved in this struggle, playing a leading role, and finally, was celebrated as a hero of liberation.

It is to this man that the most famous rum brand of the archipelago wanted to pay tribute, taking again the name: Don Papa.

To taste pure or in cocktails, I invite lovers of this spirit to go to the Gloster Bar. From Peru to Venezuela to Guyana... there is something for everyone!

See you soon !