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The Concept


Close your eyes.
Imagine a bird.
And a wig.
Now, a bird with a wig.

Here is the Gloster!

An exotic bird from the canaries’ family which inspired this trendy place in the 7th neighborhood of Paris.

Ready for a journey into the unknown?
So, let’s go!

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The Bar


You said you were ready for a journey into the unknown…

When the night falls, the Gloster invites you to discover the remotest types of Rums, the most extraordinary cocktails, and the most exotic snacks prepared with respect to the most distant local recipes.

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The menu



Except from tasting exclusivity, the Gloster invites you to many privileged moments in order to guide you in the discovery of this mythical place.

Our bar can be entirely privatized and hosts artists, DJs and other events.

So, don’t hesitate to check our programming, you will go from one surprise to the next!

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Le Gloster
10 January 2023

We're back!

We are pleased to announce you the reopening of your favourite cocktail bar! The Gloster is waiting for you and your good mood. Cosy, warm, exotic and dynamic, it is both a cocktail bar and a co-working place.

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Hours & information

Bar is open from 4:30PM till 11:30PM  from Tuesday to Sunday.

Gloster - Bar à cocktails - Accueil