The opening of the terrace

Posted in Le Gloster le 30 June 2020

The opening of the terrace

A terrace to enjoy the sun!

When the sunny days arrive, I like to go with my friends on the terrace to drink an aperitif. Taking advantage of the sun's rays while enjoying a refreshing cocktail has become a summer must-have! What better feeling than to end a sunny day with a fresh and tasty drink?

What a joy when the Gloster told me about the opening of their terrace! My friends and I will be able to enjoy our favourite cocktails in the sun. You will be able to enjoy signature cocktails and mocktails of the famous tropical bar in the outdoor area.

Explorers are welcome in this exotic corner to enjoy the beautiful days in an intimate setting. The Gloster's terrace reveals itself as a bubble of air in the heart of Paris for a unique experience surrounded by your loved ones. On the menu: signature cocktails, classic cocktails and signature mocktails!

Innovative cocktails and mocktails on the menu

As a great fan of cocktails, I was able to taste the Gloster's creations. I particularly like their signature cocktail "Purple Rain" based on Gentian Aperitif, Verjus Bergamot, Blackberry Cream and Absinthe: a delicious and refreshing creation.

The Gloster also offers classic cocktails. I loved the "Scorpion" composed of Pusser's Rum, Moonshadow Cognac, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice and Barley Syrup: a rum-based cocktail perfect for the summer season...

For some time now, I've also been trying to turn to mocktails, those non-alcoholic drinks that keep all the taste sensations of a cocktail. I fell in love with the signature mocktail "Matcha Tonic" made by the Gloster's bartender, Kévin Compère. This mocktail made with Tonic, Matcha, Cordial Mandarin Green Fennel and Cardamom is a perfect dose of freshness for the beautiful days!

A refreshing break in the heart of Paris awaits you on the terrace of Le Gloster...

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