Posted in Cocktail le 18 June 2019


A trendy drink

As you already know, I love to get the best out of life, hang out with my friends, discover new things… As a great fan of cocktails, it is usually a beverage of choice when I’m going out. I like to try different mixtures of flavors with sometimes fruity,  floral, or spicy notes depending on my moods that usually rhythm my cravings.

However, I try not to abuse good things and that's fine since the trend is towards healthy lifestyles with healthy drinks helping people to be in good shape! Today, I wanted to talk to you about mocktails, this alcohol-free aperitif to be consumed without moderation. Ideal drink for future mothers but also very appreciated by people who do not drink alcohol, mocktail allows everyone to enjoy a moment of conviviality and still managed to wake up fairly fresh next morning.

A savoury blend

A mocktail is more than just an alcohol-free cocktail, it is a combination of flavors based on fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, sparkling water or still water… In short, it is just as sought after as a cocktail with alcohol in order to find the perfect balance. So it’s a long way from the “Virgin” mojito, where you only carefully remove the alcohol or a classic fruit juice blend.

Alcohol being the main ingredient of a cocktail, mocktail represents a new challenge for bartenders who must try to reproduce the taste of it but without the main element. I invite you to discover the Gloster’s menu and its selection of delicious mocktails that will convince you. For my part, I particularly like "Vergers de Perse", this spicy and fruity mocktail made of Sherbet of Black Lemon, Gingerbeer, peach purée and cucumber. What a delight it is!

"Love, mocktail and trend"