Coworking Space

Posted in Le Gloster le 1 January 2018

Coworking Space


My dear readers,

Today, I want to share with you an unusual experience: Coworking spaces!

I was overwhelmed with work these last months and devoid of any inspiration, I decided to go in one of my favorite places: The Gloster Bar.

I was initially a little skeptical about my ability to concentrate in a public place but to my surprise, I had the opportunity to realize many projects in a short time!

The Gloster Bar is now a real inspiration for me. It allows me a certain escape and this place is an invitation to travel and concentration. Quiet and warm, it is an ideal place to work in peace.

Its exotic theme will invite you my kind readers to discovering and will be a real source of inspiration for your creations. The Gloster Bar is a peaceful space, the atmosphere is relaxed and I find a certain conviviality that allows me great productivity.


It is often considered that working in a public place is not ideal for concentration, think again my dear readers! With my colleagues, we regularly go in Coworking spaces to work together on projects. We have noticed that this improves our internal communication and allows us to work together in optimal conditions.

Do you know Neo-Nomad? I usually go on this website to find the perfect workspace!

This site lists alternative places for "nomadic" workers. If you are looking for places to work quietly and want an innovative collaborative experience Neo Nomad will be your new partner!

More than just shared workspaces, they are places of life where you can exchange, expand your network and enrich each other! Coworking allows you to be independent without being socially isolated!

I am now convinced by this method of work! My job leads me to imagine and innovate constantly and thanks to Coworking my creativity is constantly stimulated!

See you soon!