Dry Martini

Posted in Cocktail le 26 October 2018

Dry Martini


My dear readers,

Let me tell you about a cocktail I enjoy, the Martini Dry. This classic cocktail evokes elegance and refinement.

The recipe contains Vermouth, gin, olive and a lemon zest. Vermouth, a wine flavoured with aromas of sagebrush and oregano, helps to soften the taste of gin.

Prized for its freshness and subtle taste, this classic aperitif is appreciated by the finest tasters!

The Martini Dry is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world of bars but it is surely the most controversial on its composition. Originally, it consisted of Gin and Vermouth equal parts. Today, the Gin is more and more imposed, the cocktail can be consumed extra dry, (ice cubes are rinsed with vermouth) or "churchill way" (by inhaling the vapours of vermouth without this one does not enter the composition of the cocktail).


Ian Fleming a famous crime novel that wrote James Bond, allowed me to discover this classic cocktail. In the first of the series, Casino Royale and more precisely in Chapter 7, James Bond orders a Dry Martini.

He explains to the bartender the ingredients, the measures and the preparation. Here, my dear readers, the recipe given by the spy: 3 measures of gin, 1 measure of vodka, a ½ measure of Kina Lillet as well as a large zest of lemon. He will baptize his cocktail "Vesper", like the name of his lover!

Elegant, distinguished, refined and powerful ... We understand better why the writer Ian Fleming has associated the Dry Martini with his legendary spy!

See you soon!

Crédit : L O P A