The Mojito

Posted in Cocktail le 7 March 2018

The Mojito

Passion Tasting

Dear readers,

When I hear the word "Mojito" I imagine myself on a long beach of white sand, bordered with turquoise water, heated by the sun, surrounded by a wild nature, preserved from the urbanization.

In the shade of a palm tree, I enjoy this tasty Cuban drink made from rum, lime and fresh mint leaves!

Unfortunately, it will take a few more months before you can enjoy this tasting in the sun. Until the sunny days come, I will enjoy this delicious cocktail at the bar Le Gloster. Even if the sun and the sea will not be at the rendezvous, the Gloster Bar, its tropical atmosphere and its exotic decoration, will transport me to a distant country!

At Gloster Bar I discovered an exotic variant: the Mojito Passion. This new recipe is an excellent variant of Mojito and I invite you to discover this famous Mojito with passion fruit!

This little ball contains a flavor that is both acid and sweet with incomparable taste! If you have a desire for freshness, this drink is very refreshing.

The bartender chef, Johny prepares incredible Mojito Passion! Be ready for an explosion of flavours!

The Draque

Mojito is the most consumed cocktail in France. This drink has many followers but what is the story of this famous Mojito?

It dates back to the sixteenth century. At that time, Francis Drake, an English pirate, known as "El Draque" (the dragon) and his men used to drink "Tafia" (a kind of rustic rum) with mint leaves. They call this drink the "draque", as a tribute to their leader.

This drink became one of the reference drinks of the island of Cuba until 1946 when a more refined variant took its place as a reference cocktail.

The Mojito is indeed a more refined version of the Draque with the use of rum and sparkling water.

I like to savor this delicious cocktail whether on the terrace, at the beach, in the sun, with friends ... And for those who do not like alcohol I recommend the Virgin Mojito to drink at any time without moderation!

See you soon,