The Spritz

Posted in Cocktail le 2 July 2018

The Spritz

The inevitable Italian

My dear readers,

Do you know the Spritz? Also called "Spritz Bitter", a must-have at the time of the aperitif in Italy!

When I taste a Spritz, I imagine myself in a city of Veneto in Italy, in Verona for example. I am at the terrace of one of the many cafes in the square and I enjoy the last rays of sunshine on a hot summer day!

Spritz is a blend of Prosecco, Seltzer Water and Campari or Aperol. It is served in a cocktail glass with ice cubes and a slice of orange. This beverage is drunk in Venice and throughout Italy. Today, its popularity is expanding around the world!

Failing to drink a Spritz in Italy, I like to go to the Gloster Bar to enjoy this cocktail that I love so much! The Spritz is made in the manner of the Italian baristas, delicious, fresh, both sweet and a bit bitter.

Venetian origins

The origins of the recipe for this cocktail date back to the 17th century and more precisely in 1815 during the domination of the Venetian region by the Austrians.

The Austrian soldiers mixed the local white wines with sparkling water because they found them too strong. They called their drink the "Spritzen" which means sprinkled.

During the twentieth century and with the appearance of the water of Seltz, the recipe of Spritz evolves. Prosecco, a sparkling white wine, mixes with this sparkling water. We also see the appearance of a more or less bitter alcohol, Campari or Aperol, and a slice of orange.

You should know, my kind readers that it is still possible to drink Spritz composed only of white wine or red and sparkling water, especially on the side of Trieste or in Eastern Europe.

I invite you to discover this delicious cocktail on the terrace of an Italian cafe or at the Gloster Bar that will fill your head with dreams and give you a change of scenery!

See you soon!