Travel Invitation

Posted in Le Gloster le 5 June 2018

Travel Invitation

Distant Horizons

My dear readers,

I like to compare my experiences at the Gloster Bar to a trip around the world.

The first time I entered this unusual bar, I was transported to distant horizons.

Once the door of the bar pushed, let yourself be carried... Elegance and exoticism are at the rendezvous. The walls painted in turquoise contrast with discreet gilding and the natural materials used invite us to travel.

A real exotic escape is offered to you. The colorful armchairs, the small cactus and succulent on the tables!

The unpublished cocktails offer us a true escape, a total disconnection!

Journey of the senses

Discover at the Gloster extraordinary cocktails with flavors from around the world.

Through these elaborate drinks made with rum, whiskey, vodka, cognac or gin from major brands, we discover new flavors but also amazing techniques!

The Gloster also invites us to meet the most distant rums. Fans will not be disappointed by this selection of rum with various flavors.

White rum, brown, light rum, flambé rum, spiced rum, rum with slow fermentation... There is something for everyone!

Do not miss the delicious Matusalem rum, 23 years old from Cuba. Notes of caramel, honey and hazelnuts will tickle your palate, while a gentle warmth will fill you: the beautiful Caribbean sun!

In this exotic place, the flavors can be discovered in the mouth and leave you with an unforgettable memory!

See you soon!