Valentine's Day

Posted in Cocktail le 9 February 2018

Valentine's Day

Lovers' day

Valentine's Day is one of the most beautiful days of our calendar. It gives the opportunity to lovers to express their feelings. This celebration is an opportunity to say that we love each other and enjoying being together.

Valentine's Day in Paris is a magical day to live as a couple!

To surprise Elena and offer her a romantic evening which she will remember, I'll take her to the Gloster Bar.

It is a great place to spend an unforgettable evening. Warm and intimate, the atmosphere is very cozy, the service is quality. The Gloster Bar will not leave Elena insensitive! She will be amazed by the cocktails created especially for Valentine's Day.

It is with great impatience that I await this appointment which will surely be unforgettable!

Uncertain Origins

Do you know my dear readers that Valentine's Day has not always been a lovers' day?

Its origins are quite vague and please note that many legends are related to its history.

For some its origin would be related to “Saint Valentin”, a priest who in the third century married couples in secret. He was imprisoned when Claudius II learned it. During his stay in prison, he fell in love with the woman who was serving as a jailer. He wrote him a love letter signed "Valentin" before being decapitated on February 14th.

For others, Valentine's Day finds its origin in ancient Rome. From February 13th to 15th, there was a pagan festival: the Lupercalia festival, which celebrated the fertility. The most memorable ritual was the Luperca race. During this race, the men pursued the women and beat them with strips of goat skin. These blows were supposed to assure the women to be fertile and to have a happy pregnancy. The church would have wanted to counter this practice by formalizing February 14 as the day of the lovers' day.

My dear readers, Alfred de Musset, the famous French poet, wrote: "Life is a sleep, love is its dream, and you will have lived if you loved".

See you soon !