Wine as an Art of Living

Posted in Le Gloster le 30 July 2018

Wine as an Art of Living

A story of sharing

Wine is the pleasure of sharing with friends happy and light moments. It is for the French a symbol of tradition, friendliness and authenticity and has been part of our daily lives for centuries.

Wine is an important element in our gastronomy. To discover a wine, to taste it brings is a real emotion. It's a living thing that brings people together and creates relationships. During a tasting, we become aware of the work done upstream by the winemakers. Through a bottle, we discover the desire to transmit a tradition, a know-how and also a respect for nature.

I have always been sensitive to wine tasting. To put a word on each olfactory sensation, we must understand the magic of the wine, from the harvest, to fermentation and aging in the bottle. Each grape has its aromatic signature, more or less intense depending on the variety!

From the most modest picnic to the biggest tables, it celebrates a form of Art de Vivre...

Wine & Art

The vine and the wine, with origins so old that they are confused with the history of men, have played a preponderant role in our civilization. They inspired artists from all periods, from Romanesque art to Cubist painters, to Impressionists and Expressionists.

The wine was celebrated by the greatest painters, one remembers the representations of Bacchus of Caravaggio, the Wedding of Cana of Veronese, or that of the Last scene of Leonardo da Vinci. On a more musical side, Mozart made an ode to wine with the Cosi fan tutte.

At the Gloster Bar, I enjoy tasting typical French wines, discover the flavors of a new vintage, be advised on an appellation, an outstanding year or simply enjoy a glass of Bordeaux!

My dear readers, I leave you with this quote of Alfred Musset, a famous French poet: "I value Bordeaux, especially in its old age. I like all free wines, because they make you love."

See you soon!